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Terms and condition for the extio independent distributor Each field in this Direct Seller Application (the “Application”) is mandatory and required to be filled in English by the applicant himself / herself who wishes to be appointed as Independent Direct Seller (also called ‘Independent Distributor’) of –Emerging Venture Marketing Private Limited (hereinafter “Company”). There is no sign up fees and signing up as Independent Distributor is free of cost. The Independent Distributor of the Company understands that he/she is not an employee of the Company Emerging Venture Marketing Private Limited and there is no relationship of employeeemployer between the Independent Distributor and the Company. The Independent Distributor of the Company shall be considered as an Independent Business Person starting the business with his / her free will and consent without any pressure, force or persuasion from anyone . 1. The Independent Distributor understands that the Company is a direct-selling network marketing company dealing in ready-made garments, fashion apparel and accessories. There is no membership fee, joining fee or renewal fee.The Independent Distributors only pay for products and get a tax-paid invoice against their purchases. 2. The Independent Distributor of the Company is above 18 years of age and has submitted true information and valid documents in support of his / her particulars and that the Independent distributor undertakes full responsibility for the genuinity of Identification Documents being submitted. 3. The Independent Distributor of the Company shall be liable to run his/ her business with due sincerity and honesty, fair and in transparent manner in the best interest of both the parties. He/ she shall be further entitled to expand his/her personal business by legal and ethical means only. 4. The Independent Distributor of the Company shall not indulge in any illegal activity which could cause harm/damage/loss to the Company and further shall not sway other Independent Distributors by any means, including by reducing the retail prices of the goods. 5. The Independent Distributor of the Company shall be restrained from relabeling / repackaging the retail goods in a manner similar to that of the Company and shall not infringe the copyright of the Company or its suppliers in whatsoever manner. 6. That after approval of his/her application, the independent distributor of the company shall be, granted distributorship for a period of two year which would entitle him/her with all rights and privileges thereof and therewith. Further, if the independent distributor fail to do any transaction for 2 year, them his distributorship may be terminated after issuing a notice period of 1 month. 7. The Independent Distributor of the Company shall not promote the goods of any other Company doing the business similar to the Company and shall not persuade the customers to purchase products of other such companies and further shall not sponsor them to approach other Direct Selling Companies 8. The Independent Distributor of the Company understands that all distributors will be treated equally and at par by the company, regardless of their Business Volumes, Ranks, etc. Distributors having higher business volumes cannot seek special privileges or treatment by the company and its staff, etc. 9. The Independent Distributor of the company declares its ‘Conflict of Interest’, that he / she has no “personal” links, acquaintance or relations of any kind with any of Company’s staff members or their families / relations. In case there is an existing relationship or acquaintance, it must be declared prior to starting business with the company, and the company management will authorize such distributorship requests in its own discretion. Breach of these terms will automatically terminate the distributorship. 10. The Independent Distributor of the Company will make the purchases from the money belonging to him / her and not by availing any kind of loan from any person, Bank or financial institution. Further, he / she will not force or persuade any other new entrant / existing distributor to take loan from any person / Bank / Financial Institution or assure them that loan can be arranged for them at low interest rates. The Independent Distributors shall make it sure that the prospective distributors have the permission of their parents / guardians / family before making any purchases with the Company. 11. There shall be no cash dealings with any third party for and on behalf of the Company on any account whatsoever. Any products being sold by the Independent Distributor to the customer must be accompanied with proper invoice. 12. That the Independent Distributor will not misguide prospective distributors by persuading him / her to purchase bulk products which he /she is not able to sell in stipulated time or purchase lesser stock & increase the purchase gradually. He / she isn’t liable to purchase a definite amount. 13. The Independent Distributors shall not mislead any prospective distributors by misrepresenting facts about the company. He / she will not make any false promises related to making quick and easy money and also not adopt any mischievous means to bring new prospective distributors. Further, the Independent Distributor of the Company fully understands that his / her income is earned in the form of discounts / commissions from the company and is not his / her regular source of income, neither have they been promised or committed any such thing by the Company. 14. The Independent Distributor fully understands about the 30 days’ Return and Refund policy available with every purchase being purchased from the Company and undertakes to be abide by the same. Any product returns would be accepted strictly within 30 days from the date of purchase, provided they are in perfect saleable condition (unused, undamaged, sealed in their original packing) with all tags and labels. The return, replacement and refund shall be governed as per the Return and Refund Policy. 15. The Independent Distributor is aware about the Customer Care number, email ID and have all details about the grievance redressal mechanism of the Company. 16. The Independent Distributor of the Company himself / herself shall be liable for the payment of all taxes / fees, etc. to appropriate Government authorities, payable in connection with or incidental to upon becoming an Independent Distributor of the Company. 17. The Independent Distributors shall not be entitled for any costs incurred on new prospects for training, advertising, social engagements or other such programs. The Independent Distributor of the company shall not pay to or charge from anyone unofficially in the name of training, promotion in network or for any favour or purpose whatsoever. Distributorship shall be terminated forthwith in case of of these term 18. These terms and conditions shall be applicable to all the Independent Distributors of the Company and the Company shall be entitled to amend the same without any direct personal notice other than an official notification regarding the said amendments.